Pre-Order Market Bouquet: Small but Sensational

Pre-Order Market Bouquet: Small but Sensational

  • $20.00

Beat the line ups and ensure you get the bouquet you want by pre-ordering one of our market bouquets. This bouquet is a beautiful seasonal arrangement of approximately 12-15 stems of our freshest flowers and greens, perfectly sized to fit on your desk, or on a bedside table at home or for someone in hospital. If for a hospital, or for someone sensitive to perfumes, please let us know so that we can assemble your arrangement with unscented blooms. 

We will have it ready to go at our special, super fast, Pre-Order and Bouquet Subscribers pick up table at the market.  Please indicate in the notes when you order if you will be picking up at the Edmonton Downtown Farmers' Market or at the Old Strathcona Farmers' Market.   

Deadline for ordering for Saturday pick up at the market is Thursday at noon. If your order is not received by then I cannot guarantee your bouquet will be available at the market. I am really sorry about this, but our Thursdays and Fridays are very intense and I want to ensure you get your unique bouquet!  We will hold your bouquet until the market closes at 3 pm, if you have not picked it up by then we will donate it to a local charity. 

If you would prefer your bouquet to come with a "vase" I can have your bouquet ready at the Pre-Order Table in a recycled glass canning jar or other recycled glass container for a small fee (5$) just let me know in the comments at the check out!

* please note that although the image shows a vase, your bouquet will come in a compostable kraft-paper sleeve so that you can put it into your favorite vase at home (unless you choose to have a it in a recycled glass container as mentioned above).

Remember we offer a 10% off your next purchase if you bring back your sleeve and your "past-perfect" flowers and their paper sleeve back to us! So don't throw them in the garbage, bring them back to the market, get a discount on your next purchase and help us to make more beauty build healthy soil through our compost program!