4 Week Bouquet Subscription: Sweetest Sweetpeas

  • $70.00

Imagine infusing your day with the delicate beauty and unmistakable perfume of a bunch of heavenly sweet peas!   With this subscription you will receive approximately 20 of these delicate fragrant beauties gathered into a posie each week for 4 weeks. They will infuse your days with their unmistakable perfume, and you can choose if you would prefer your sweet peas to be predominantly purples, pinks,  whites, or a mix of all three!

Start date for this subscription is contingent on the year, as sometimes these lovelies take a bit longer to come into blossom, but regardless, as soon as they do, you are guaranteed the freshest and most fragrant of our collection.  Harvest typically starts in early July and you can choose to receive the bouquets for 4 weeks consecutively, or on whatever weekends you choose throughout the sweet pea season (July 15  through August 30). Please indicate which weeks you would like to receive them either in the notes at checkout, or contact us to let us know! 

Due to the closing of my beloved Edmonton Downtown Farmers' Market, I will be designating a different pick up point for 2024, it will be in the downtown area.  I will keep subscribers posted via email.   If you need your flowers delivered, I can deliver them after 3 pm on Saturdays.  Due to cost increases, delivery within Edmonton in 2024 is $30/delivery.  Please choose delivery from the menu if this is your preferred option or contact me via email. 

* please note your weekly bouquet will come in a compostable kraft-paper sleeve so that you can put it into your favorite vase at home.  If you would prefer your bouquet to come with a "vase" I can have your bouquet ready in a recycled glass canning jar or other recycled glass container for a small fee (5$) just let me know in the comments at the check out. You can return the jar to be re-filled with your next bouquet - no fee after the first charge if you recycle!

As with all of our flowers, we encourage you to put your "past its prime" bouquet and its paper sleeve into a bag and bring it back to us the next time you pick up your new bouquet. If you do this for all your bouquets (okay for 80% of them) you will receive 10% off your next Bouquet Subscription or 10% off your next purchase, your choice, and you will be helping us make more beauty through our compost program!

 *Please note* we do not provide the ethylene inhibitor which contains silver (a heavy metal requiring special handling and disposal) that is often used to prolong the vase life of these ephemeral flowers.  We grow everything at Meadow & Thicket Farm using organic, biointensive principles, so this preservative doesn't align with our values.  Your sweet peas from us will last up to 3 days, if they last longer for you, I couldn't be more delighted! Please let me know, it will make my day and helps me become a better grower!