Single Bouquets

Available in the same sizes as the subscription bouquets: Small but Sensational, Tall and Terrific, and Sweetest Sweetpeas. 

Due to the closing of my beloved Edmonton Downtown Farmers' Market, I will be designating a different pick up point for 2024, it will be in the downtown area.  I will keep subscribers posted via email.   If you need your flowers delivered, I can deliver them after 3 pm on Saturdays.  Due to cost increases, delivery within Edmonton in 2024 is $30/delivery.  Please choose delivery from the menu if this is your preferred option or contact me via email. 

However, for the single bouquets, I need to receive your order by noon the Thursday before the Saturday delivery/pick-up.  If not received by then I cannot guarantee your bouquet will be available for Saturday pick up or delivery. I am really sorry about this, but our Thursdays and Fridays are very intense and I am hoping this arrangement will ensure you get your unique bouquet!

Also, please note that although the image shows a vase, your bouquets will come in a compostable kraft-paper sleeve so that you can put it into your favorite vase at home. Remember we offer a 10% off your next purchase if you bring back your sleeve and your "past-perfect" flowers to us! So don't throw them in the garbage, bring them back to the market, get a discount on your next purchase and help us to make more beauty through our compost program!

If you would prefer your bouquet to come with a "vase" I can have your bouquet ready at the Pre-Order Table in a recycled glass canning jar or other recycled glass container for a small fee (usually 5$) just let me know in the comments at the check out!