4 Week Bouquet Subscription: Small but Sensational

4 Week Bouquet Subscription: Small but Sensational

  • $72.00

What could be better than a  weekly bunch of fresh flowers for your desk or for the bedside table of a loved one?  Each week for 4 weeks, you will receive a posie of approximately 10 stems of our freshest, seasonal  blossoms and greens that will fit in a small jar or vessel to brighten your desk but not take up too much space. If for a hospital, or for someone sensitive to perfumes, please let us know so that we can assemble your arrangement with unscented blooms.

You can choose to receive the bouquets for 4 weeks consecutively, or on whatever weekends you choose throughout the season (June 10 through September 15).  Please indicate which weeks you would like to receive them either in the notes at checkout, or contact us to let us know!  Of course, you can also receive more weeks of blooms by buying two, four week intervals or by renewing your subscription when it runs out. 

Due to the closing of my beloved Edmonton Downtown Farmers' Market, I will be designating a different pick up point for 2024, it will be in the downtown area. I will keep subscribers posted via email. If you need your flowers delivered, I can deliver them after 3 pm on Saturdays. Due to cost increases, delivery within Edmonton in 2024 is $30/delivery. Please choose delivery from the menu if this is your preferred option or contact me via email.

* please note although the image shows a vase, your weekly bouquet will come in a compostable kraft-paper sleeve so that you can put it into your favorite vase at home. 

If you would prefer your bouquet to come with a "vase" I can have your bouquet ready in a recycled glass canning jar or other recycled glass container for a small fee ( 5$) just let me know in the comments at the check out! You can return the container for me to refill with your next bouquet (no fee if you recycle!).

As with all of our flowers, we encourage you to put your "past its prime" bouquet and its paper sleeve into a bag and bring it back to us the next time you pick up your new bouquet.  If you do this for all your bouquets (okay for 80% of them) you will receive 10% off your next Bouquet Subscription or 10% off your next purchase, your choice, and you will be helping us make more beauty through our compost program!